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Paul Edmonds settled in British Columbia in 2018 from a successful UK career.  He has appreciation and gratitude to call the Okanagan his new home and acknowledges he works within First Nation territories who have inalienable Aboriginal Title and Rights. 

His first role in BC was managing the Okanagan Similkameen floods, landslides, and fires of 2018. He went on to provide subject matter expert for the Boundary Flood Recovery in Kootenay Boundary and Grand Forks areas. 

In the section below, you can read more about Paul's experience and how the 2018 season was taken within his stride with fabulous learning along the way. Being a life long learner helps.

In British Columbia, Paul now assists many different governments and organizations in many different roles.  Red Dragon has delivered advanced planning, response planning, flood response planning, wildfire communications, operational response procedures, gap analysis, and evacuation plans. Mitigation strategies and risk assessments. Grant writing including assisting on a major DMAF. EOC Design and Exercise. Industrial risks. Mentoring. Recommending measures to protect cultural heritage. Taken part in local and provincial workshops in shaping the future. To name a few.

He also works with a number of qualified professionals to deliver resiliency and mitigation projects. 


Red Dragon's Principal Consultant and founder, Paul Edmonds, is a provincially qualified supplier of emergency management.  


Emergency Management Experience

Incident sector experience:

Floods - fluvial (riverine) overland, groundwater, tidal, and dam.

Wildfire - BC wildlife and UK heath and grassland

Debris and landslide

Industrial site inspection and contingency planning

Maritime, Ports, and Harbours contingency planning

Air, land and water contamination (including human health) 

Land use and contaminated land


Civil Emergency, industrial action, crown and unrest

Business Continuity

Radiation and Nuclear consequence contingency planning 

Explosion impact 

Police and Miltary events - special operations

UK Government Agency Federal equivalent to PSC/EMBC, FLNRORD, MOE, MEMPR, (and a few other departments).


Roles in the UK:

Chairperson Wales Emergency Planning Society 2015 – 2017 (UK Role)

Incident and Flood Risk Strategy Team Manager 

Gov Agency / Wales, UK  2015 – 2017 (National Role)

Advised and directed operations, Government and emergency services for emergency issues that affect people, communities, economy, infrastructure and the environment of Wales.

Senior Incident Strategy Advisor Gov Agency / Wales, UK / 2014 – 2015 (National Role)

· Directed developed and published NRW’s National strategic work on incident management and Business Continuity in how it affects the people, communities, stakeholders, economies, and environment.

· Lead Government Resilience Manager

· Chaired, directed, and actively participated in numerous regional and national events/exercises for all incident sectors.

Senior Change ManagerGov Agency / Wales, UK / 2013 – 2014 (National Role)

· Senior Change Manager for incident management mandate of the joining of three UK Government National Agencies.

· National lead for developing training and exercise competence programs

Senior Project Manager Gov Agency / Wales, UK / 2012 – 2013 (National Role)

· Transition Project Manager for a new government organization, contract manager for IT systems, flood warning, operating systems, and program manager for new working practices. 

Flood Recovery Manager Gov Agency / Wales, UK / 2012 (National Role)

· Organizational task force commander, flood mitigation and multi-sector impact assessment of public, communities, commercial and environmental issues to assess flood and environmental impacts.

Chairperson and member roles 

· National Member of UK Pipeline Security Group 2013 - 2017

· Energy Mutual Aid Partnership Chairperson 2010-2015

· Regional Police Force Area Risk Chairperson 2008 -2014

· National Risk Group member 2008-2014

· Regional Police Tactical and Coordinating Group member 2002-2015. 

Regional Incident and Emergencies Business Partner Gov Agency / Wales, UK 2006 – 2012 (Multi-Regional Role)

· Senior Inspector (warranted) for managing and coordinating reactive and proactive multi-agency preparedness and response. 

· Single point of contact with Emergency Services, Public Health Authorities, Utilities, Local Authorities, and voluntary organizations.

· Government Liaison Officer (decision maker) of all sector incidents including enforcement and security.

Water Quality Manager Gov Agency / Wales, UK 2005 – 2006 (Area Role)

· Managed teams responsible for water quality monitoring, managed £400K and a laboratory budget of £4M pa.

Senior Supervisor & Investigator (Warranted) Gov Agency / Wales, UK / 2002 – 2005 (Area Role)

· Senior Inspector and Prosecuting Officer for emergencies, major waste and water crimes in South Wales.

Environmental Protection Officer and Professional Technician Roles (Warranted) Gov Agency / Wales, UK / 1995 – 2002 (Team Role)

Permitting, Environmental Protection Officer and Technician. 

If there is something else we can help you with, please contact us to discuss.

 Red Dragon Consulting works with a team of qualified professionals who can support your specific project. 

Emergency Management and Resilience Services.