Four Phases of Emergency Management

  • Mitigation
  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery 


Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)



Advance Planning

Specialist Operations

Hazard and Risk Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Industry Best Practice Gap Analysis Tool

Pier Review

Emergency Plans 

Emergency and Recovery Plans

Flood Response Plans

Developing Custom Procedures

Evacuation Route Plans

Environmental Response Plans 

Training and Implementation

Flood Risk Engineering 

Oversight Specialist Project Management

Specialist Oil Spill Contingency Planning and Training 

Inland, pipeline and marine spills

Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery

Training and Hands-on Exercises

Information Planning and Templates

Emergency Program Development

Incident Reviews 

After Action Report Facilitation

Additional Services:

Preparedness Grant Application Facilitation 

Environmental Planning and Response

Mitigation Assessment

Business Continuity 


Media Training

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