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Paul is very knowledgeable in all aspects of local government emergency planning and response, but from my experience with him in our Emergency Operations Centre, his biggest strength is his ability to engage the right people, at the right time, in a very calm and professional manner to solve a problem.  His focus is always on achievement of the goal and finding the most efficient way to get there. 

Bill Newell 

Chief Administrative Officer Regional District Okanagan Similkameen 

In May of 2018, the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary experienced a devastating flood along the Kettle and Granby Rivers.  Almost 500 homes were damaged and almost 200 businesses were impacted in the sparsely populated Boundary region of the RDKB.  Red Dragon Consulting offered support almost immediately following the flood.  As recovery and reconstruction efforts ramped up in the Boundary region, Red Dragon Consulting was there with us to assist us with both the operational and technical aspects, and the procedural and policy side of disaster recovery.  

Paul’s experience with flood-related impacts, flood recovery, and mitigation planning ensured that the Boundary Flood Recovery team was using the advanced principles of building back better when undertaking recovery projects.  Paul acted as a mentor, advisor, manager, and confidante during the flood recovery phase.  Paul’s UK experience provided “short cuts” to the decision-making process as his experience was provided using proven methods and case studies from his vast experience.  

Without Paul’s support, the flood recovery process in the Boundary would have been much more challenging and would not have led to as successful outcomes for flood-affected individuals.  The RDKB thanks Paul for his ongoing support with emergency planning and disaster risk reduction in the Boundary communities.  

Chris Marsh 

Boundary Flood Recovery Regional District Kootenay Boundary 

I watched Paul take on the Emergency Program Director role in a Regional District that is regularly challenged by freshet and wildfires as well as having many other complex issues to manage on a day to day basis. 2017 and 2018 were historical response years in this province and certainly in Paul’s area of responsibility. His exceptional emergency management skill and experience allowed him to very quickly organize an effective team that stayed the course through the response and recovery phases. Paul’s leadership, foresight, the value on relationships, and problem-solving abilities allowed him to develop a skilled EM team in months where it could take others years. 

Peter Prendergast

Director of Emergency Program for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and past Senior Regional Manager with Emergency Management BC

After working alongside Red Dragon Consulting (Paul Edmonds) all my doubts about his ability to bring his wealth of experience from overseas and translate that to issues in our unique region simply vanished. Paul is able to listen intently and respectfully, integrate his vast experience and implement realistic, efficient solutions to local, regional, and provincial situations; providing advice and guidance often with a fresh perspective. Paul has helped us and continues to assist us to achieve our Emergency Management goals through special projects related to Disaster Management and Communications Strategies.

Ms. Zoe Kirk

Emergency Operations Information Officer Regional District Okanagan Similkameen


…while collaborating with Paul and the Boundary Flood Recovery team after the most impactful flood in British Columbia’s history, the 2018 Grand Forks flood, what I said to him was, “… in the case of an apocalyptic event, my family is showing up at your house!!!”.  What I meant was that Paul’s knowledge, experience, and nature provided strategic direction and a sense of calm and optimism while he provided guidance to community leaders tasked with navigating the unfamiliar.  I hope the future holds further opportunities to work with Paul as we residents rebuild and again learn to be at home with two rivers.  

Regina Burroughs

Gov Agent Provincial Government of BC

I first met Paul after he had recently started work with the Okanagan Similkameen Regional District Emergency Operations Center. We met to discuss the 2018 flood preparedness plan for the RDOS. I was immediately impressed with Paul’s knowledge of emergency management and soon realized the depth and breadth of his knowledge and experience. 

There was no question that Paul was faced with a sink or swim situation as the 2018 flood season unfolded as one of the worst for RDOS and I was very impressed with his ability to get things done. The flood emergency was still ongoing when he was faced with a wildfire emergency as well. Not a normal type of emergency for someone from the UK but once again Paul rose to the challenge.

I have continued to work with Paul as the principal in Red Dragon Consulting on a major 2018 flood recovery project in Grand Forks and the Kootenay Boundary Regional District and on a number of other emergency preparedness projects. The knowledge and experience that Paul brings to emergency management in BC from his work in the UK is a huge asset. 

I have very much enjoyed working with Paul. I look forward to working with him in the future since I learn something new on every project. I strongly recommend that those in the emergency management business consult with Paul as he has so much to offer.

Don Dobson P Eng.

Dobson Engineering Ltd

Immediately following one of the worst floods in B.C.’s recent history, Paul became a part of the fabric of our Boundary Flood Recovery team.  His extensive expertise in dealing with all aspects of a disaster, including mitigation, response, and recovery, allowed him to step in and add value quickly.  He is a natural leader and, as such, was able to mentor our team by establishing himself as a “go-to” subject matter expert.  He went above and beyond without being asked, and willingly shared his vast knowledge with our team and our community. His guidance and ability to think strategically allowed our team to better understand and execute effective recovery strategies and facilitate meaningful dialogue with some of the hardest hit in our community.  Put simply, his role was invaluable to our team, our community, and the region overall.                

Jennifer Wetmore

Community Futures Boundary, Team Lead Economic Recovery – Boundary Flood Recovery Team.   

Newly arrived from the UK and in the early days of a new job as Emergency Program Manager at the Regional District Okanagan Similkameen, when I first met Paul, he was up to his shins...literally and figuratively...in flood waters. His house was flooding, as were most in the Regional District. New to the British Columbia way of doing things, he quickly adapted. I immediately recognized that he was a man with a level of experience and subject matter expertise in emergency management, in particular floods, that very few if any in Western Canada have. 

I had the opportunity to work directly with him in the flood recovery in the Grand Forks area, which is the highest impacting flood event in recorded BC history. His professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. He truly is an expert in his field.

Steve Newton

President, Innomergence Solutions & host of thesmarteocpodcast.com  


“Paul’s experience and knowledge in emergency management is not only evident in the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), but also in his facilitation of our EOC After-Action Report (AAR). Paul’s AAR provided team members with an opportunity to reflect on their experience, discuss what went well and identify steps for improvement. The result was a detailed “road-map” for an enhanced emergency program that clarified priorities and goals and identified opportunities for future success.”

Mark Woods General Manager of Community Services 

Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen